TKart Magazine

(Mike Clark) #1

Is this worth subscribing to?

The facebook stuff i get from them seem to be, but it doesn’t let you see the whole article.

(TJ Koyen) #2

I used to subscribe. Good stuff if you’re keeping up with the European/International side of the sport. The TKart guys have a good bead on that stuff.

(James McMahon) #3

If their app works now…

They have a great aesthetic and design.
Good info on what’s going on in Europe like TJ pointed out.

Their tech articles can be a bit superficial at times and some of it gets lost in translation.

If you wait/look around you should be able to get a subscription for $4.99

(Mike Clark) #4

Thanks for the info guys,

App meaning phone based?
I am more worried about tech articles than euro-action.
For $4.99 it’s not much of a risk. Unlike John Savage’s Jet-Tech Software from

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #5

The last time I tried to get an online subscription their app didn’t work, so I couldn’t download any of the monthly editions.

I’ve been told that they have good information, but my experience wasn’t that great.

(James McMahon) #6

Yeah it’s delivered in the form of a magazine app. I’m guessing you can login to the site as well. When I see it hit the 80% discount again I’ll give it a sub.

(Mike Clark) #7

Thanks. I guess what’s the point if you can’t get the info.
I am already at the point where I know what do in certain areas and just need to do it. So more info probably isn’t going to be a big help compared to just getting on the track and in the seat.

(James McMahon) #8

Planful testing\practice is the key. I suck at it, but you don’t have to.
Make a short list of things you would like to experiment with and test, note your observations.

(Eric Riggs) #9

FWIW they got rid of the app and now its all html based. Seems to work well oh though it does work better on a computer graphics/picture wise. Their sales model seems to be get you in a discounted rate then hope you forget to cancel. I think I paid .99 euro which was like $1.30 for one year which really for that price , why not , just don’t forget to cancel.

P.S. I got the .99 euro deal from an email they sent me. Not sure if its still running or not.

(James McMahon) #10

Oh, I didn’t realize. They still mention the Mag3 platform on their site. Thanks for updating us.