TKart Magazine

Is this worth subscribing to?

The facebook stuff i get from them seem to be, but it doesn’t let you see the whole article.

I used to subscribe. Good stuff if you’re keeping up with the European/International side of the sport. The TKart guys have a good bead on that stuff.

If their app works now…

They have a great aesthetic and design.
Good info on what’s going on in Europe like TJ pointed out.

Their tech articles can be a bit superficial at times and some of it gets lost in translation.

If you wait/look around you should be able to get a subscription for $4.99


Thanks for the info guys,

App meaning phone based?
I am more worried about tech articles than euro-action.
For $4.99 it’s not much of a risk. Unlike John Savage’s Jet-Tech Software from

The last time I tried to get an online subscription their app didn’t work, so I couldn’t download any of the monthly editions.

I’ve been told that they have good information, but my experience wasn’t that great.

Yeah it’s delivered in the form of a magazine app. I’m guessing you can login to the site as well. When I see it hit the 80% discount again I’ll give it a sub.

Thanks. I guess what’s the point if you can’t get the info.
I am already at the point where I know what do in certain areas and just need to do it. So more info probably isn’t going to be a big help compared to just getting on the track and in the seat.

Planful testing\practice is the key. I suck at it, but you don’t have to.
Make a short list of things you would like to experiment with and test, note your observations.

FWIW they got rid of the app and now its all html based. Seems to work well oh though it does work better on a computer graphics/picture wise. Their sales model seems to be get you in a discounted rate then hope you forget to cancel. I think I paid .99 euro which was like $1.30 for one year which really for that price , why not , just don’t forget to cancel.

P.S. I got the .99 euro deal from an email they sent me. Not sure if its still running or not.


Oh, I didn’t realize. They still mention the Mag3 platform on their site. Thanks for updating us.


No they are shady when it comes to renewals! TKART is super shifty all the time. They like giving discounts on your first subscription and then charging you a lot a year later without telling you. And not allowing a refund. It is ridiculous.

I did the deal and cancelled because it’s too expensive without discount. Did not like the navigation on phone. Otherwise very good content. I could not figure out how to cancel using their site so emailed them. They were helpful in cancelling.

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If you get a discounted deal of TKart make sure you disable auto renew in your account settings which will get you at full wack.
I got stitched last year and after several emails they finally refunded me. The content is quite good though apart from English translation as mentioned.

I subscribed for a year at the 0.99 Euro price, which was nice. Nothing earth shattering, but some nice info for sure. I felt it was pretty clear that the subscription price would increase to the standard 39.99 after year one, so I just set a calendar reminder to cancel in time. They were very responsive in taking care of my request to cancel, and that was that. I’d say totally worth doing if you’re able to get in at one of the big discount rates.