TKC at R1 (help, they are trying to kill me)

A brief but violent race report:

I wasn’t paying attention and signed me and Nick up for a race at R1 in Rhode Island. I was thinking LI, but what the heck🏴‍☠️.

So, this turned out to work great for Nick since his GF lives an hour away. So we made a weekend of it and got her as well. So that was nice.

The facility is dope. 360 karting redesigned a large flat facility into something that feels like an outdoor track, indoor, kind-of. It’s a modest two level track with lots and lots of speedy parts and little banking.

The race was a hot mess and after getting my bell rung pretty good (other guys were ok,too) in heat 1, I hung back and was careful. This allowed me to dodge some other bullets.

Unfortunately I end the day getting pushed off and then pissed off. Not a pleasant race, constant yellows and reds, a mess imho. I kind of felt that something was off and that the overall driving seemed a bit unhinged.



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