TM K9/B/C Service Manual

In my GoogleFu searches, it seems there isn’t a TM Racing K9/B/C service manual.
There are a couple videos on the tube. Id like to have a reference when i comes time to freshen this thing up.

Can anyone share a manual if it exists please?

Tm doesn’t have any manual. You can follow the videos online or use google translate and read the step by step from

You can also download a manual for Iame Screamer, same concepts and intervals apply.

Other than that, it’s a pretty standard process, same for all ICC/KZ engines, they are pretty much all the same when it comes to servicing.

Not everybody will agree with me, but the 3 golden rules are: 1. use original TM spares only 2. no power tools, except for the clutch basket 3. no hammers

If you have questions about intervals, ask away, but normally it’s 60L/6 hours for the top end, 120L/12hrs for the bottom. If you want to stay safe, at 30L/3 hrs check piston and reed pack for wear, not needed but helps to learn what’s going on until you go through enough cycles to feel it. Bottom includes crank bearings and seals. Rod life depends, you can simply inspect it at 12hrs and change pin/rollers/spacers and keep running it if it’s ok.

Original reeds usually last a long time, but inspect them regularly…if you go crazy with downshifts, no reed will last


Thank you. This is helpful as there is a bit of the unknown with this one. There was no hour meter installed so I’ll have to inspect most things to be safe I suppose. 6 hours seems low but better safe than sorry.

Is there a good one stop shop for parts for these?

Those are the common race intervals, if you are gentle with your equipment it can last longer…but why risk it,.a piston kit is 53 EUR, add the needle bearing for 10 EUR and you are set for the top end

But if the engine is of unknown origin, I would take it all apart. Otherwise it’s very risky, regardless of the brand/model…unfortunately it’s always a gamble

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