TM KZ Beginners Guide : The Holy Grail


I have recently stumbled upon a rare internet gold nugget, of which you seek long and large but seldom find.

The following public document totals a staggering 227 (two hundred and twenty seven!) pages of in depth information of the TM KZ family of engines, starting from the K9 all the way to the R2. The doc goes over:

  • In depth generational evolution of each model
  • Tuning principles, applied to each model of engines and which cover pretty much the entirety of the components, from pistons to con rods to cylinder heads,
  • Carburation tips and explanations
  • Ignition values and their influences
  • Exhaust tuning
  • Crankshaft balancing and its influence on the power delivers
  • And a lot more

The information within will obviously not make you Galiffa over night, but the indepth explanations allow everyone (even decently well informed people) to better understand how to operate their shifter platform

The only problem : It’s in FRENCH :smiling_face_with_tear:

I really really highly encourage you to run an automatic google translate on the doc, as i promise it is worth it.

Happy reading !

EDIT: I tool the time to run an auto translation, for convenience’s sake :blush:


Google translate kicked in automatically for me.

For anyone curious, links containing “TM golden documents holy grail rare internet nuggets of gold and platinum” is pretty much a guaranteed way to get me to click :joy: :joy: :joy:


Just having a read of this!

Excellant find! Like a bible for KZ karters!


I think a print on demand book version of this might be worth it for Michel Claraz. There’s a ton of info in there.


If Wikileaks ever published documents for karting…

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I’ll ask him for a book version. I am currently working on a Karting book series covering every aspects of Karting. From the basics to the technical stuff, chassis and engine related. My aim is to have a real Karting Bible out there for the beginners as well as the enthusiasts to refer to.

I will keep you posted.

Makes me wonder if there are other books like this but they are in a different language, like italian or french

Thank you for the links. I was kinda skeptical at first, waiting someone to jump in first bcs i dont want to login my google account tho. :rofl::rofl::rofl: