TM KZ Ignition Timing

I run a TM KZ 10 six speed shifter with the TM Fun 56 144cc upgrade kit installed.
The Powerplus 102NE 25:1 fuel mixture is delivered through a Keihin PWM carburettor.
I’m trying to find out the BTDC measurement range. I’ve seen wildly differing values, so I thought what not ask the professionals out there. Anyone help?

I’m hoping that someone can offer information for this topic

There are some variables with your setup that are beyond the scope of what I’m familiar with. Italian Motors has a recommended baseline for the KZ10 of 1.6mm BTDC; however, that is based on the standard displacement and a Dellorto VHSH 30mm carb.

Your best bet may be to call Italian Motors or PSL since they are the TM importers.

You do seem to have an unusual setup. At 144cc I’m going to assume stroke and rod length is the same as a KZ in which case 1.6mm should be OK as mentioned above.

James, thank you. Yes the stroke and rod length is the same as KZ. The range of btdc settings I’ve been given from local drivers start at 1.1mm upto 2.0mm which is significant. I’ll stick with the majority which is 1.6mm

Thanks for your response Evan. The recommended baseline of 1.6mm is very close to what I’m running at the moment which is 1.5mm. Not sure what difference that 0.1 would make?

Probably not anything you would notice on track.