TM OK Piston S3/Senior - fits for older engines?

Hi Folks,

I have a TM OK Senior engine 2020 (prob S2) but I am strugling to find some piston measures for my TM. I used to buy Piston SKU tm10243.xx

On the other hand I am finding all measures for the new TM Pistons OK Senior S3 sku tm10245.xx

Does anyone know if there was a change in the piston design for the new TM OK Senior S3 engines? Can I buy S3 Pistons to use in my TM Senior OK previous engine generarion?
As far as I noticed the new S3 Senior pistons are available in the same measures, degrees. (^4), etc as the previous generations.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Mondo has pistons for you!

Available sizes: 53.83-53.83-53.87-53.89-53.91-53.93-53.95

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Hi Lucas, that is the issue! Most of these piston measures are not available anymore. Out of stock :sob:

Try with Galiffa, Kartstore, Viti, Blukart, Superkart if you are limited to online stores. Where are you located?

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Brazil. But TM replied to me saying S3 pistons fits S2 model engines.

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