Tony kart front suspension help

Hi bought a tony kart can i switch the front camber caster washer from the 4 bolt its has to the multi hole like in these pics and what else do i need to change or were can i get this stuff like in these pictures

Yes you can put an adjustable caster pill in place of the neutral (4-hole) pill for a larger adjustment range. You don’t need to change anything else.

What TJ said! And you can get them from any OTK kart dealer or the major online shops - Comet always has them available for example.

Check with your local dealer though first. They’ll appreciate the business and the sales like these are what keeps them open for when you really need them in a pinch later.

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Thank you guys its a rookie chassis figured thats why it doesn’t come with it also these rookie chassis didnt come with front torsion bars???

Just confirm your King Pin OD - it’s either 8 or 10mm. Should be 8 for the vast majority of OtK cadets.