Tony Kart Rookie axles: Soft, Medium, Hard

I’m trying to get a Tony Kart Rookie chassis to race Rotax Micro. The organizers use Mojo C2 tires & we don’t have grip at our tracks. Which chassis should i buy Soft, Medium, or Hard?

And what difference does it make to have hard, soft, or medium chassis in general?

As far as i have read online, soft chassis will give grip specially in corner entry. While hard will give you high speed exit of the corner … but how is this relevant to Rotax MicroMax, Mojo C2 tires, & low grip tracks with curbs that are not smooth if you run over them. Which will be the best option?

Also how does Mojo C2 Tires compound compare to LEVANTO MINI ROK ? Which one is more soft or hard

If you live in the US as far as I know they only sell the medium version

We found that with the 4 stroke Rookie the OTK H axle did everything we wanted 98% of the time. Changes to rear ride height and width to compensate for grip.

Yeah i guess medium is to play it safe. Unfortunately i dont race in the USA

The tracks you race at have high grip ? That’s why u use Hard rear Axles ?

Are you asking for suggestions on axle stiffness or frame stiffness?

There is only one frame stiffness.

OTK sells three different versions of the Rookie chassis: EVS, EVH and EVM.
The first one for soft tyres, the second one for hard tyres, the third one is an evolution of the EVS so maybe they will stop producing the EVS. I suppose the frame changes a little, but if I recall correctly OTK USA only sells the EVM version now