Tony Kart STV450

Does anybody have experience with the new 4-stroke Tony chassis? Curious on what the thoughts are.

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We tested the STV 450 extensively in Florida last month. The kart has a fair bit more rear grip than the 401 due to the rear cross member being farther back and straight as well as having 17mm spindles on instead of the traditional 401 setup of 25mm spindles but still has a 50mm axle which still keeps the kart freer on the long run than the 40mm setup. We had great success with the 401 2 cycle setup winning both CKNA Senior Medium and Lite championships, Grands pole and winning Jacksonville Maxxis Grands. In short if you are racing a harder tire like MG reds, bridgestones, or a harder Hoosier the STV 450 is the way to go with added front scrub and more rear grip. The 401 is go to for the stickier tires like the Vega Red given the kart has a lot more added in front grip with the 25mm spindle.


Here in the PNW everyone seems to run the 2 stroke chassis for 4 strokes. I do not know the specifics as to why but don know they have a little bit nicer parts.

My track runs MG blues which are ridiculously hard. I’m running in senior though and it’s quite a bit of weight (375lb minimum). You would suggest the STV450? I like that the stv comes with aluminum wheels but otherwise I like the features on the 401 like magnesium components, the new floorpan, and the new steering wheel. Not really sure which way to go but it sounds like the stv has other changes aside from “economic” choices of components like the 17mm front spindles.

The STV comes with the new silicone wheel just like the 401,bigger brake rotor, aluminum pedals, older style floor pan, older fairing, plus everything else I mentioned above. The MG blue is definitely a rock hard tire, to run the 401 on that tire would be almost pointless. You would have to add so much rear grip to the point where the kart would be out of its sweet spot which is practically standard. The STV has the correct level of overall grip right out of the box for those type of tires plus the correct spindle. Lucky enough in 4 cycle, OTK is supplying you two different chassis’s for different grip levels/tires. In your situation the STV you’ll benefit more from especially on a MG blue in club conditions.


Mick, good to see you here and contributing to the community!

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Agreed!! Thank you for your help @mickgabriel1

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Apologies for stealing the thread, and going off topic but you’re the first person I’ve heard acknowledge tuning an LO206 for rear grip and front scrub. Most go for more and more release freeing the rear. It sounds like you are recommending freeing the front, and the STV achieves this through its design.

Do I have that correct?

Grip is always king max front and rear, however you achieve it on the given frame is how you achieve it.

Racing would be a lot simpler if that was true.

We (AEM) debuted the STV 450 in CKNA competition on Vega’s this weekend with Neil Breitenbach who took a 7 second victory with a stock setup.

How do you guys tune the kart for more front/rear grip and how do you know when you have the right grip balance? Does it depend on chassis design?

I would love to see if we could put together a tuning guide for this specific chassis geared towards lo206. I have it aswelll and would like to see the different ways us Tony drivers go about tuning.

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Mick, would you mind sharing what the stock setup is on here?

HI ,does anybody know /have a picture of what the name on the tony kart plate for the STV450 ? The tony kart my my son drives now is a Nordix and his first tony kart was a pyslo .thanks in advance

The chassis says racer on the stv 450 model

I’m looking at buying a tony kart or compkart for a lo206 I’m confused on which one to buy??? It seems like everyone loves the tony karts. I can get a brand new compkart with lo206 for 4500 or the stv tony kart for 5500.

Theres no best, really. Both are top brands. Its a question of where you get parts and serrvice. If those brands are supported trackside, either is fine. Where are you looking?

Tonykart is probably the biggest selling brand, but Compkart is equally good.

Do you have a sense of which is better supported at the tracks you’ll run.

Also, while new is nice, you can of save significant coin with a good used chassis. Freeing up your budget for more races, coaching or even both.

They both are supported at are track but there is a compkart team at are track n I’m thinking ima just go with the compkart n buy a used one from them n use extra money for coaching n stuff. I think more is just seeing all the big national teams running tony karts n at the skusa n supernats u see them loaded.

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