Too Big for Karting?

I’m not a small guy by any means - 6’1" maybe 6’2" and right around 200lbs - which means that I’m usually 10+ pounds or so over weight limit depending on the class. Am I too big to be competitive? I could always lose a few pounds (It certainly wouldn’t hurt!), but I’m just concerned that as I am now that I am not competitive. Now that it’s on my mind, what’s the average weight of a senior driver?

190 is about the maximum weight for a senior driver before you start to give up a little time. 10-15 pounds is going to cost a couple tenths at most though, so it’s not totally unreasonable to be fairly competitive at that weight.

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If you happen to be 40+, 200 is fine for most masters classes. You’d make weight, likely.

I’m 172#, and usually just carry either a 4 or 6# ballast to make weight. Most in my class, which is at 360# minimum, have significantly more ballast. I wouldn’t let that discourage you, though. I’d readily trade up in weight for more skill. :slight_smile:

I’m 19, so I’d be racing senior. As a semi-related question, could I perhaps run a laydown/oval style seat instead of a traditional sprint seat? It would lower my center of gravity and also give me better aerodynamics I imagine. Might make up a little bit for being over weight. There’s no rules against it as far as I can see.

Depends on the series. If they run cik bodywork then you likely can’t run a lay down seat. If they run gold cup style then you can use the laydown.

Also, it all depends on the level of competiton that you have at your track. If you’re running at club level, you’d probably not even notice. It’d be at the larger national events, where skill levels would marginalize out that you’d probably notice a bit more.

That being said, the Northwest has a Heavy Class for TAG, because we have so many taller drivers that wanted a competitive chance not have to run against jockies.

As @Sleek98 said, check your rulebook. Laydown seats used to be allowed in sprint racing for major series, but they banned them in many series several years ago.

6’1 isn’t so tall that you would need a laydown seat anyway. We’ve got guys on the team who are that tall or taller and run a traditional seat. If anything, Tillett does make some specific models for taller drivers that aren’t angled as much so they lean back more and get the driver lower. You can also mount the seat below the frame rails a bit too.

Also, I’d suggest not to overthink it. You’re probably competitive enough to get near the front of your field, at your current size and weight. (Because you’d have to assume that you’re driving perfectly, and setup perfectly, and the only thing holding you back is body weight.)

Not saying that’s not the reason, but I’m going to say that it’s probably unlikely, especially if you’re close to the weight class anyhow.

Thanks for all the responses guys. I’d be running at a local club level, so nothing super high stakes. I’m probably overthinking it a bit anyway. After doing more research I found some extra ways to drop weight (and I started a diet not too long ago and I’m already seeing results). Should probably worry more about set up and skill than weight right now. Thanks again!

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But hey, health is also important. Not just in karting, but in life!
Any improved fitness is free laptime. :wink:

And laptimes = fitness. Win win.


There are fast, tall drivers out there. Don’t let height stop you.

Simas Juodvirsis is over 6ft from what I recall and not super slim either. He’s done some things.

2014 3rd European Championship - KZ2
2013 1st Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals - 125 MAX DD2
2012 1st MG Tires SKUSA SuperNationals XVI - S1 Pro Stock Moto
2012 1st CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship
2012 1st WSK Euro Series - KZ2
2011 1st Rotax Max Euro Challenge - DD2
2011 1st Rotax Max Wintercup - Rotax Max DD2

@JordonMusser is also pretty tall I think?

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