Too much compression?

when I pull the pull cord on my b&s engine it gets stuck for about 7" of pull cord length.
I took the spark plug out to see if it was hydro locked, but it’s not. when I pull the cord without the spark plug in it spins easily. Does anyone know how I might go about fixing it? right now I’m draining the oil out and I’m going to put some PB blaster down where the spark plug goes. (saw that on a youtube video)

I’d recommend not putting PB blast down the plug hole. It’s not doing to do much except replace the correct oil with penetrating oil.

One possibility is the compression release on the cam gear has stopped working. It engages at low RPM to make it easier to pull start.

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@KartingIsLife spot on call with compression release. My guess is valve lash has loosened or was set on wrong stroke. This can be fixed fairly easily, make sure to have engine on correct stroke when setting (Top Dead Center of Compression stroke).

If the valves are indeed set on wrong stroke (leading to wrong lash during cycling of the engine), temporarily loosen the rocker adjusters to allow the engine and push rods to cycle around to get to the correct stroke.

Also agree, never put PB blaster down the spark plug hole. The engine has oil in it already.

Here’s some videos on working on your 206:

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Garuntee that the valve lash is set on the compression release. Loosen the rocker arm nuts. Then watch the B&S video on how to set your valve lash. It’s an easy job to do and I’m pretty sure just about everyone has screwed that lash up at least once.

ok, so im pretty new to this, where is the valve lash and rocker arms? also how much do i loosen the rocker arm nuts?

This should walk you through it

i don’t have a torque wrench, how screwed am i if its over tightened?

You should be fine. I have never used a torque wrench.

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Valve Lash Tutorial! ``