Top 5 Craziest Tracks!

This dumb video aggravated me. So let’s make our own list of the top 5 nuttiest circuits!

#5 - Concept Haulers Motor Speedway - Norway, Illinois - USA (Yes I am biased, deal with it. :sunglasses:)
Why: Deceivingly technical track. Very bumpy, two banked corners, and a jump over crest!

#4 - Adams Motorsports Park - Riverside, California - USA
Why: Long straights, two super challenging off-camber banked corners.

#3 - Kartbahn Lyss - Kappelen, Bern - SUI
Why: Tunnels, beautifully covered corners… Short track, but gorgeous and very technical.

They also race all sorts of garbage there outside of karts:

#2 - US Air Motorsports Raceway - Shawano, Wisconsin - USA
Why: Gigantic, beautiful track. Super fast and full of elevation changes. The Road America of Karting.

Much like Lyss, all sorts of other garbage have fun there, too:

Drumroll please… (Betcha you don’t even know this last one.)

#1 - iDube Raceway - Camperdown, KwaZulu-Natal - RSA
Why: The track is built on a hillside! Just… Just watch the videos.

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That looks awesome!!