Top 5 Mistakes by NEWB Drifters - Fielding Shredder (Tips apply to karting)

So I saw this Lone Star Drift video, where Fielding talks about top tips for newbs when they start driving.
I strongly felt that these tips really applied to new kart racers, with their own variation.

@tjkoyen came to mind, as someone who would be sharing these sorts of truths.
Thoughts, guys?


I saw him on a tv show few weeks ago. Pretty cool but way too hung ho lol

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Snap! I saw you share this on FB and went to share it here ha. Solid advice for sure… I have to admit, I can be a bit of an askhole, but I’m at least upfront about it.

I feel like the members on the forums here do a great job of helping people along these lines. By that I mean they try to understand what the person needs and guide them towards figuring out what will work best for them… Vs going on a tone deaf “pro” flex that leaves the person even more confused.

Sidenote, met Fielding last winter when he was up here in MN for the annual ice drifting shindig. Each winter a group comes up here and we put a track down on a frozen lake just north of the twin cities. Last winter they carved out the layout of the Tanaka International track that hosted the 1994 Pacific Grand prix. Because why not?

Very nice guy, he’s into karts as well so that makes him extra cool, his eyes lit up at the idea of ice karting so hopefully we can make that happen this winter. We talked about shifter karts, ice karting in rentals and how we could make lock kits for them (naturally). Chatted about the idea of drifting events in karts too… where it’s properly scored with clipping points, proximity etc etc… Which is how we got onto the topic of Hyperdrive.

He was one of the drivers in the Netflix series Hyperdrive. The show is a bit cringe, but it’s worth watching the parts with Fielding in it. I don’t think he knows anything other than a full send.

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Great video with tons of lesson that do indeed apply to karting, or for learning any new skill/hobby in life.

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