Top kart Twister setup

HI all
Need help to start to setup a twister Top kart frame 32mm with a x30 engine in .
Need start point at the monument the kart is sliding the back at every corner on the exit. have altered seat , rear axle , seat struts and front but with no luck, just need a starting point
cheers for the help

Post your track widths, caster/camber settings, ride heights, axle type and seat position. People can help better with that info.


The mesurent are as follows

Camber 4mm each side
Toe out 2mm each side
Back axle 1396mm wide on the lowest bolt hole
Seat flat with the bottom of the frame , axle to back of the seat 165mm
20mm spaces on each of the front axles
front axle has one small space (3mm) at the bottom with two washers at top (5mm/4mm) .

I’d move the seat back. What’s your weight distribution front-rear? Is your driver shifting weight back to the inside on corner exit?