Topic or question for a professional racing/life coach

If you had 1 topic or question to be covered by a professional racing/life coach what would it be? I wanna try and get some ideas maybe karting specific as “the” enzo mucci said he would do podcast for me. Now if your not familiar I HIGHLY recommend you check his videos/podcasts on either YouTube, SoundCloud or iTunes. I personally feel he has helped me more dealing with my mental illness listening to his podcast then the driving part and thats not knocking that part of the podcast. He is a genius and works with top professional race car drivers! And he relates everything from racing to your life

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In terms of racing I’d probably like to get a better understanding of how to start a race… the actual start and the mental bit leading up to it.

In terms of life coaching it would probably be about learning how to be more patient and a better listener.

I am Perfect and have no need for this^_^😂
Seriously, I need coaching in every phase of racing, as dar as life coach, how to maintain motivation?:orthodox_cross::revolving_hearts::dove::cowboy_hat_face::spades::checkered_flag::yin_yang:

Honestly, most of Terence Dove’s book would cover many of those questions.
You should buy it. :wink:

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Oh I have and loved it so much I lost it and need to buy it again.

Funny anecdote: I commute to work to NYC via train. One day I was reading Terence’s book on the way to work and another commuter came up to me and said “hey is that Terence doves book? I love that book!”
So two old dudes in suits chatted about karting on the way to work, which doesn’t happen every day.


I just went to Amazon and purchased the book on Kindel for $9.90 and saved $15.00 dollars. The problem is you do not have hard copy but you have your phone, pc, tablet or Ipad and read it anywhere or anytime without carrying a book? I am a book kind of guy and Kindel is giving this a run for its money. :sparkles::dove::revolving_hearts::grapes::cowboy_hat_face::spades:Scout​:checkered_flag::racing_car::boom::dash:

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Yeah I have it on kindle. Its kind of great this way, as you have it all the time. I, as many will be thinking about karting when out and about (probably should be working) and its great to reference something on the fly.

Just realised that a) it’s available on kindle, and b) you can download a kindle app on your cellphone.

I now own two copies of his book.

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Yes Marin, I fully agree with you and that was what ruled the day on my making the decision on which to purchase, a hard cover book :books: or Kindel :iphone::computer:, Kindel won out…:revolving_hearts::dove::sparkles::cowboy_hat_face::spades::checkered_flag:

For racing: I would have him explain the differences between how elite drivers and other drivers gather, filter, interpret, and respond to sensory information when driving… but if he could do it, that might take more than an hour. :wink:

For Life: I would ask for techniques to overcome fear (e.g. fear of failure, fear of success, etc.)

Thanks everyone who mentioned my book, I really appreciate the kind words!

I’ve known Enzo for a long while and I know he has worked very closely with the current crop of F1 drivers and ones coming through. It will make for a superb podcast I’m certain.

What I would like to know from him is: Are there any drivers who he considers to be super talented at the wheel who didn’t realise their potential in motor sport, and why…


This picture is one of the islands in Greece, Creet is this beautiful. Then the gentleman stated they have nice Karting tracks as well. I loved being stationed there and fell in love with the city where democracy was formulated, Aristotle teaching His ideology to young impressive youth who grew to be great thinkers and leaders of their time. Thought of the Greek conversation last week then ran accross this.:+1:t4::spades::cowboy_hat_face:©

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We’re diverging from the topic a little here. I like to be multicultural as much as anyone (no really, I do)

… but let’s stick to Karting here.