Topkart master cylinder question

How does brake fluid come out of the master cylinder? I don’t seem to be getting any fluid to the brake line but when I look in the master cylinder where you fill it with brake fluid, I don’t see how the fluid gets down to the brake line. I don’t see any holes for it to travel through.
Pictures included.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You need to fill it at the plug in the pic. Looks like you’ll need an ezout or something.

Thank you Matthew Burpo.
I was able to get the fill plug out and fill and bleed the brakes. But I’m still curious as to what the purpose of the resevour is there for if there is no way to pass from it to the bottom of the master.

There appear to be two drillings in the pic going down from the ‘reservoir’ towards the main bore in the sort of position they would be in a ’ pumper’ type m/cyl.But the holes by accident or design do not continue down into the main bore?
Am I misinterpreting the picture?
Could be that Top Kart just use the same casting for two types of m/cyl.Or a manufacturing error?
What type of caliper do you have? Self adjusting or spring return pads.In my experience the ’ pumper’ style m/cyls are used with the self adjusting calipers,the ‘sealed’ non reservoir type with the spring return calipers.

The two drilling marks are pretty much just that, marks. They don’t go down much below the surface. I did the flashilight test and I don’t see any light coming up to the reservoir.

They do not go down to the piston below.
I have two master cylinders and they are both the exact same.
My calipers are Topkart. They have pistons that push the brake pad out.
I’ve got the brakes all working I’m just now wondering what the purpose of the reservoir is.

My old Twister had that as well.

This master cylinder design is similar to CRG’s. Those holes in the bottom of the reservoir are there for a reason. Either or both of those holes should be supplying the lower piston bore with brake fluid when that area needs it. The holes might be blocked with gunk and that is why you can’t see through to the lower piston bore. Also, the lever on the master cylinder should always be set to come back fully to its resting position so that the piston leaves the maximum amount of fluid available to be pushed through the lines to the caliper’s brake pads. I have seen racers adjust the thumb screw on the brake rod too far in an attempt to get the brake pads closer to the brake disc. Evenutually, this won’t leave enough hydraulic fluid to be pushed for proper braking action. Brake pad shims should be used instead.
When you did the flashlight test, was the piston still in the master cylinder? If so, then part of the piston was blocking the holes.

Hi guys I wanna continue this kind of speech.
First of all sorry for my English, I’m learning it.

I have the same top kart master cylinder but I have an issue.
Basically the brake fluid don’t go from reservoir to the pump between the holes.
This happen because the master cylinder doesn’t go enough back when you release the pedal break.
Anyone know why?

I’ll add some photos for understand better, and I made a cad scheme for make you realise what I wanna tell

There should be a spring inside the master cylinder.

Yes yes of course! I only skip the sketch of it. I draw the master cylinder when it is in the release position.
Those in the image below are all component inside the pump.
I think the wrong part is the “Fork Brake Pump”, the part that push the master cylinder.