Track directory (No longer) busted

Hello. The track directory seems to be down on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

I’m looking for somewhere to practice or race my new TaG kart next weekend. That’s difficult without the track directory.

Where are you located?

Detroit. Hoping to drive southeast or southwest for less than a full day’s drive. I can get as far as Norfolk, Atlanta, Memphis, or Kansas City in a reasonable time.

GoPro motorolex in North Carolina is about 10 hours from you if you’re willing drive that far.

Atlanta Motorsports Park is an option if Atl is in range.

Virginia International Raceway is about the same drive time as AMP from Detroit. I’m not sure if their kart track is open right now.

@KartingIsLife (points)

No it’s not. VIR is nearly 5 hours from Atlanta. Trust me, I have driven it many times!

AMP, VIR, and GoPro are all 10-11 hours from Detroit. Grab a US map, put a pin in Toledo because I have to go through there to go southeast, and stretch a string out - Alton VA, Mooresville NC, and Dawsonville GA aren’t dissimilar lenghts.

Still hoping I can find a track with a TaG race, but AMP looks interesting for practice if I can’t.

Former Detroit area karter here, I tried as many of the local tracks as I could in my ~2 years living there. Basically the closest for practice is East Lansing - it’s small but well run and affordable, especially since you don’t have to drive as far. Next would be G&J - Bigger and a great community of karters, LO206 being very popular there. The next one would be NCMP - Even bigger than G&J and a lot of people that race at both, probably your best bet for TaG racing. There is also road racing that comes to a few tracks in your area:

I used to also drive out to WKA/WKC races:

Other tracks that are not too far but I don’t have any experience with: - Actually not far away, but in Canada, unfortunately never made it out there.



If you want me to put together a brand-new LO206 kart for you to race at East Lansing, I can do it this weekend.

I’ve run at Point Pelee - it’s a really nice track, almost as fast as New Castle with less total track length and fewer corners.

Andy, I’ll consider G&J and ask AMP about hours. Still looking for somewhere that’s holding a race - it’s my only weekend this month before my second job starts up.

Going to be tough to find an outdoor race in the Midwest in early March. NCMP has not opened for the season I believe. G&J will be a smaller track for a TAG, but doable and they’re open year-round for practice.

The track directory is still busted. I had a great weekend in Mooresville last weekend, and am considering either G&J or Adkins next week or the week after.

NCMP is supposed to open March 20th according to their schedule, but the weather looks iffy for that weekend currently.

Come see us at Whiteland this year! About 45 minutes from New Castle.

Looks like everything thats on the socialengine platform (Old website) is down right now. I have someone looking into it now…

Old site is fixed. PHP bug apparently :confused: