(Brian Kuempel) #1

Years back, my late step-dad gave me this awesome antique riding mower…


I’m almost finished with the restoration…

(Mike Clark) #2

That is cool.
Sort of a rat rod kart

(Liam Sergeant) #3

Have you repowered it?

(Brian Kuempel) #4

It’s got a 6.5hp CHonda. Geared it low, so it tops out at 24mph.

(James McMahon) #5

This is pretty badass… Keep us updated!

(Dom Callan) #6

Bonus points if it still mows?

(Ted Hamilton) #7

Looks like pipe burn where you don’t want it…lol Nice build.

(Brian Kuempel) #8

Thanks! I worried about that. Plan was to test it with only the wrap and determine if a shield was needed. Guess since the motor is stock it’s okay as-is.

Just got the frame and pieces back from powder coating.