Traditional cottage for sale in Ireland comes with eight-acre Kart track

This is a different deal to the one that’s been floating around on social media for 2/3 years. Looks like a pretty minty track too.

The cottage comes with a price tag of €325,000 ($370,000), with the opportunity to develop the go-karting business


There’s no need to worry about places to park when your friends call around for an evening on the go-karts.

There is ample car parking space as well as outhouses which can be developed by the new owner.

That is a very wierd track. It looks like Suzuka.

The more I look at it, it’s probably a drift track. For $370k it could be made work :joy:

Just add some extra pavement and you’ve got all sorts of options! But still a neat thing.

Any track is a good track.

Looks like the security line at the airport

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Skid pad too. Bust out the hoses.