Trail braking, does it work?

I’ve heard mixed opinions from different people on trailing your brakes in certain corners
so I want to hear you guyses opinions on it.

Well, yes. Depends though.

Seems to be something that I use in cars much more than Karts.

Trail is used to keep the back end tight to the line in longer, sustained turns, at least for me. Trail is for when I don’t want the back end stepping out and forcing a throttle input I don’t want yet.

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It works, sometimes. My braking video talks about this more in depth:

I’ve also made lots of posts on here discussing it, but I’m on my phone typing this so it’s hard to link to topics…


Has anyone on here used brake pressure sensors with their data acquisition systems? I noticed some drivers on Team GFC using them at the Summernationals this year. I know we all have our theories on trail braking vs. not, but it would be really cool to see some actual data.

I considered it but the bridge and pedal sensors aren’t cheap.

Yeah I’m afraid to look up how much they cost, lol…would make for some AWESOME data though!

We’ve used it a bit on some KA drivers. Honestly, it wasn’t that beneficial we found. Basically anything the brake sensor told us we could see on the video and data already. It may be better for gearbox stuff or something with front brakes.



120 per

You’re braking my heart, TJ!

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Its real benefit was when we thought a driver was riding the brakes a lot, and they insisted they weren’t, even with the video to prove it. The pedal sensor made it undeniable and they had to fess up.

“The squiggles never lie.”
~ T.J. Koyen


I know it is off topic, but I remember a NASCAR driver the first qualifying session at Atlanta after they got data acquisition. He laughed and said before data he was flat in turn 4. Now he does a little chicken lift. Data is good