Trailers - again

Does anyone have any concrete advice to weigh the difference between a steel and all aluminum trailer? Any IL/WI dealers to recommend?

When I was shopping 6 years ago somebody told me “when you are shopping for your first trailer it will be steel and on the cheaper side, when you shop for your 2nd trailer it will be aluminum”. They were right. My steel hallmark edge trailer has lasted me well, but I’ll upgrade to an aluminum trailer as soon as I can. With an aluminum floor

What size trailer are we talking?

As the size increases the weight benefits of aluminum increase. One thing I underestimated in my aluminum trailer purchase is it’s lack of resilience compared with steel. To preface: my setup is small, low, and pulled behind my car. Before i could get some vertical stand-offs [for visibility] mounted I had a handful of people hit my trailer in stop-and-go traffic because they’d get close to my car, and then loose line-of-sight, and subsequently forget it was there. In those minor bumps i’ve had some of the beams bend and start to crack. Steel would have just bent and I could have repaired and gone on my way.

This is to say that whether your trailer is subject to small bumps - as trailers often see in their life of backing up and positioning in tight spaces - or just standard road cycles, it will require more vigilance in structural checks and potential maintenance/repairs.

Thanks for the insight, Matt. I’ve heard reasonable rumors about the cautions of aluminum and life cycle. This would be in the 6x12 range, probably 2-axle.
Weight is some issue, but maybe that can be addressed in the “box” and accessories.

Rondo right off 64 in Sycamore has decent inventory.

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Thanks Nick! 20 mins from me!

I’ve heard good opinions about RA Adams, although no experience with them myself. They sponsor Championship Enduro Series too, so that’s a think.