Traing tires / Rims

Hi. I have notices that the tires that im using are high good ones and cost a fair bit to replace every week so i me and my dad have decided to make a tire and rim setup for race and one for training. Will this combo fit?

Yes those will work. Unless you have a CRG bolt pattern then you need the CRG pattern wheels… I have 3 sets of these wheels. For the price they aren’t horrible, the paint is cheap but for practice they are good.

I’m not sure what tire you race usually and I don’t know much about the Bridgestone since the days of YHC, YHB compounds. But if they duro out close to what you usually run you should be good just to turn laps.

@MylesBland - how much of a performance difference are they making?

Is the ‘aren’t horrible’ a performance thought or?

Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts.

Rims can make a significant difference let alone the tires. If you can I recommend saving money to buy the same rims you race on. Believe IPK/Praga runs Douglas wheels. Try to buy those.

It also goes for the tires, but if you want to save some money try to buy the harder compound of the same brand. Race MG Yellows → Practice MG Reds. Race Mojo D5s → Practice Mojo D2s. If your track primary runs one brand I recommend running that brand for practice/race. Sometimes different tire compounds will react terribly when driving over another brand of rubber that has been laid down on the track.