Transponder question

HI, I’m new to the sport and I have a couple of questions on transponders…I know the choice is between a used yellow one (AMB TranX 160) which you pay for once. Otherwise the new ones like MYLAPS X2 have that annoying subscription plan, which I hate.
I did a little bit of research, the shortcoming of buying a used one is that you can’t transfer the ownership on the website, so it will always be under the prior owner. Other than fixing that, what is the advantage of getting a new one?


You may want to check with your local racing series or any karting events you plan to attend. Both the older TranX 160 and newer subscription-based devices are fairly reliable, although many have had issues with the 1-year subscription X2’s.

The TranX 160 was implemented prior to MyLaps and Speedhive etc. acquiring AMB, so the subscription issue with those is a bit of a misnomer. You can actually contact MyLaps once you take ownership of someone else’s transponder and have account credentials updated, but usually the timing/scoring team at a track won’t really care or see the account details of a transponder.

Most series will allow you to submit your transponder number directly to timing and scoring, either before or on race day. This ensures that regardless of who the transponder is assigned to, it will work with that series. All of this is typically easily edited by the timing/scoring staff.

Most series utilize a timing system called Orbits, which makes these changes possible. It integrates with AMB and with MyLaps.

Thanks for the clarification! I didn’t know you could ask Mylaps to update the credentials associated with an old transponder, good to know! Thanks again!

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I looked into both. I found the market prices the non-subscription transponder fairly high, (sellers know the value of avoiding the subscription). I ended up with the X2. I’ve had 2 issues and both times tech support replaced them right away, free of charge. I appreciated the good support.

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I went with the X2 with the subscription because I liked the direct power option. I never have to worry about a dead transponder, or it dying during the race. Also, as Alex stated, when I’ve had an issue once, that was my fault, they replaced the part with no charge to me, and no questions asked. That is really what your subscription is paying for, the warranty/replacement while the subscription is active. The non-subscription transponders, you’ll need to find someone that repairs them, and pay for the repair if something happens to it.

The whole battery issue is why I bought a re-cased old style transponder with a 9 volt battery lead. I just plug it in when I get to the track, and keep a spare battery in the toolkit. A fresh battery lasts about 4 days if left plugged in. Simple and cheaper.

The ebay seller I bought that form was kart-crazy.

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