Transporting kart on Streeter kart lift

Looking for different ideas on transporting on Streeter kart lift. I got one at the end of the season last year and have struggled with best method to secure it without it coming loose. Trailer came with track on floor against walls, and I think I need to move that in a little. I know you need to do something to keep it from tipping forward. The last race, I used a strap from the base to the arm to hold it up and that worked fairly well. I have a workbench at the nose, but that puts all of the weight at the nose in front of tires. Am considering relocating some of the wall track to a height that I can put a 2x4 on the wall clamps and keep the nose supported. Also have room that I could just drop on floor and put stand sideways and secure, but that opens up issues.

Pictures would be great.

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At our track we have a few guys that transport the kart on the stand. I have done this with a manual stand as well. Just use the ratcheting straps (2) at each end of the kart so they are pulling against each other. I would use the floor mounts over wall mounts.

I tie the kart to the Superlift w/ rubber straps and then use ratchet straps to secure the Superlift to the floor. Whatever you do, be careful as there are plenty of horror stories of kart coming off the stand in the trailer with carnage ensuing.

I also use a bungie from the slotted lock lever at the handle of the Superlift to the floor. This keeps the lock in place during transit, which does a lot to stabilize the stand and reduce some of the forces on the stand’s winch/strap.

I use two E Track load bars (US Cargo) clipped to vertical E Track at the same height as the Streeter bars to bound the stand. Then ratchet strap from the floor around the kart tubing and back. The load bars and Streeter stand equally support the kart and provide redundancy.

I’ll take pictures. But I just installed D rings on the stand. Then ratchet strap from that.