Tricks for pulling out caved in nose cone?

OTK M6 front bumper, caved in a few weeks ago and I’ve tried plungers, heat, suction cup from my RAM mount, etc to no success. My old nose I cut holes in the back side when this happened before to get tools in there to push it back out but realize that’s not technically legal and would like to avoid if possible.

You should have a hole on the backside of the front spoiler that will allow you to press a blower attachment from on air compressor against it filling it with pressurized air to pop the plastic out. As long as the piece doesn’t have any damage and air leaks, this has always worked for me.


What Jason said.

Sitting it outside in the sun for a few hours will help make it pop out easier too.

Enlarge the hole only enough to put a tire valve in it, and inflate as necessary while outside in the sun.