TriFlow as chain lube?

This past Sunday, I was spraying some TriFlow around the driver of my Horstman HDC clutch in order to get some lubrication on the bushing without taking the clutch off. Some got on the chain and I wondered if that was a big deal or not. The TriFlow spray can lists chains as one of the recommended uses. Does anybody have any experience using TriFlow as a chain lube in addition to a bushing lubricant? It was kind of nice not having it as goopy and sticky as the stuff I have been using.

It’ll work in a pinch but I think it’s too thin to really do much. Our favorites are the Xeramic stuff or the Blu-Ray white stuff. Both stick to the chain and don’t fling off and keep it lubed.


Agreed with TJ.
Triflow doesn’t really have the lubrication qualities at the temperatures and to stay on the chain to be useful.

If you had nothing else, sure. Otherwise, get chain lube. :wink:

That’s kind of what I thought might be the case. Thanks.

I’ve seen some people, especially racers from the 60’s 70’s swear by it as a chain lube.
I’m skeptical, it’s really not a lubricant designed for a chain.

I like Xeramic. Been using it since it was new and cool :laughing:

Plus they have chain lines, specifically for that purpose. Why make things so hard? Lol

When working on an order through Comet, I noticed that they sell TriFlow, which is actually a really good price per oz relative to the store I bought mine from or a lot better than Amazon. Just an FYI looking to buy some. I found it ironic that I now see the disclaimer: “*Tri-Flow is not recommended as a chain spray”


we ran Yamaha for a few yrs, triflow on the bushing, and Xeramic on the chain.

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