TrueRacer where did you go

anyone know what happened to Matt O’donnell (trueRacer) he has not posted anything to facebook or youtube in 3 months. he has a wild ride and busted the kart up then, but he was fine…Just miss his videos, great guy

I imagine he’s saving up $ to fix that kart of his. I’ll bet that crash bent the frame or something. Plus, he’s got a baby now. I was thinking the other day that if that’s the case, he could ask viewers for donations or something. I’m not made of money but I’d contribute 20 bucks towards getting him back behind the wheel. His content is great and he was steadily improving.
If he does get back in the saddle, that gearbox needs to go. That was the cause of the accident and had been plaguing him for a while now.


i’d donate too, and I love the baby pics… i just wanted to know he hasn’t quit. he had a patreon page but turned it off earlier because he felt it wasn’t justified by what he does…but watching him and his adventures, beats eating out at a fancy restaurant. miss the action. and yes babies come first always.

I messaged him on facebook with a link to the topic, hopefully he’ll come say hi.

I myself am just starting his karting life series. It’s awesome to watch him and his wife plug through on what seems like a small budget like most of us and can totally relate too the content. I’ve kinda also been a bit inspired by there journey so far and I just finished season 1of his “karting life” series lol. I’d definitely donate and I cant even afford to race myself right now but to know if there was more coming I’d definitely donate to the guy

In a way, Matt’s series is what demystified kart racing for me and allowed me to get the nerve up to start racing rather than just lapping. He made it seem doable despite all that Mumbo jumbo tuning he does which is Greek to me.


His vids were amongst those that convinced me i could viably do it and give into my youngest Daughters desire to get into it. Hope he bounces back soon :+1:


Did you hear anything?

Nope afraid not :confused:

I did get a reply from him with a comment on his Flipping Good Race video…

First rule in motorsports I was told - when you slide on a track, both feet in (or left foot / hand clutch here) to lock the wheels so you are predictable to other racers… If he hadn’t of rolled backwards you would have been fine. Dang it!

True Racer
yes I cannot preach this enough and is what I was expecting. Unfortunately thats not what happened and this is the result