Trying to educate myself with Tony Kart

Hello Everyone, I’m new here. First true year in karting even though this year doesn’t really count Hahahah.
I’m currently running a k&k chassis in Briggs L0206, although I’d really like to get into a Tony Kart. I know everyone has their preferences but I like Tony Kart and would like some assistance in buying a used chassis.
Keep in mind I’m in Canada and these are canadian prices…

Theres a used 2014 chassis for $1500 canadian, was told it was good for Briggs or Rotax(what we run here)

There’s also a used 2017 chassis for $1000 canadian. Chassis is stamped:
tony kart
CIK-FIA 56/CH/14

So my question(s) are:
How do I know if the chassis can be used in Briggs and Rotax?
Which one is a “better” chassis overall?
Is there a Tony Kart chassis that can be just as good in both classes?
I won’t be running both classes at the same time obviously, but if I wanted to upgrade to Rotax at a better time, is there a chassis I can use for down the road or should I just focus on having a chassis only for the one setup? I’ve attached some pics of the chassis - they’re the only ones I have.

Either chassis, assuming not shifter (and even then) will likely be fine. For the extra 500 bucks, how does the one frame compare wear wise to the other? Look under the kart. Look for flattening (scraping) of the tubing towards the bars under the 4 corners (think where you’d scrape kerbing).

I had a 2017? and a 2019? frame for compkart. The design of the 2019 was slightly different from the 2017. I preferred the newer chassis. 500 bucks is a mychron 5 though, so if the cheaper one is in good shape, and you are new to all this, mebbe worth it.


Wasn’t the change to 2019 just a slight caster change? I think you can make the prior design functionally identical with adjusters…

You are probably correct. I only got to do three weekends on the older chassis and didn’t get to dialing it in.

Love the OTK brand. The karts are beautiful.

I sold my 2016 OTK 401 for AU$1800 last year. That’s the going rate in Oz, really.

Pay less attention to the codes on the compliance plate, what will tell you an OTK’s age are its components.

M6 bodywork was introduced in 2016.
BSD one-piece brake caliper was introduced in 2017 (or 2018?).
M7 bodywork was introduced in 2019.