Trying to install a Ghost on an old CRG

Hey guys, new to go karts and wanted to know if you have any input. I’m trying to install a Ghost engine on this old CRG and it seems the sprockets can’t line up as the engine sprocket comes off the left and the axle sprocket is all the way to the right. Am I missing anything easy?

Your axle sprocket has to be moved inboard, on the other side of the bearings. Go see how LO206 engines are installed

Thank you. Is it possible if there is no keyway? I’m guessing I’ll need a new axle

New axle or have someone mill you a key slot in there.

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you can get rid of the middle bearing, too, which will give you more room in the general area. not sure if that collar by the middle bearing/3rd bearing is keyed, but if it is, you might have enough there for your sprocket assembly. you may not want to do it, but i chopped that entire middle bearing bracket out of my kart, no issues with it at all.

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With some patience and a few small drill bits, you can put yourself some new key holes in the axle. Then file down a key and it will be good enough to hold the sprocket for a predator.


I ordered some keys from mondokart that not as tall so all i have to do is drill 2 holes, pop the key in and go. I will look to see if i have any at home and measure them. Way less work and the axle looks stock. I cant stand it looking like i filed it by hand.