Trying to start karting in NC

(Steve) #1

Hey guys, I am trying to get started in karting. I have zero racing experience and I am gathering as much information as I can about the sport to decide how to start. I am not very familiar with the classes and how to go about selecting a class. I am 29 yrs old live in Sanford, NC. I am mechanically inclined and have experience with cars and motorcycles however karting fits my budget a little better than auto cross/ track days at the moment. I have read a few other online blogs and have found a few indoor tracks that I plan to visit, but I have not been able to find a local karting club in my area. I am looking to start off in a basic kart. I’d prefer something turn key that I can take to the track and just have fun with. I am also trying to find Kart shops in my area to shop/ talk with other kart enthusiasts to gain knowledge on the sport. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

(TJ Koyen) #2

You’re about 2 hours away from one of the nicest facilities in the country at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville. They have one of the best tracks and the kart shop and guys there are top-notch. The club seems good there as well. Worth checking out. I’m sure there are plenty of used packages around.

The KA100 engine package which is growing in popularity is a super simple package and GoPro has a decent grid there for their club racing as far as I know.

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(Mike Lyda) #3

Like TJ said… Gopro in Mooresville is an awesome place to start. I’d recommend doing an arrive and drive on a weekday when the track isn’t busy. Try the LO206 and KA100 before buying. message me if you need info on arrive and drive…

Also consider going to gopro on the 25th or 26th since there’s a local race both days. Watching the different classes race and talking to people will give you a good idea of what’s involved.

(Jim Maier) #4

GoPro is your only option there in that area. And it is a great place to race. Your choices are LO206, KA100, or X30. They get more expensive in that order too.