TSRS SpeedSportz Round 5 and season finale

Had decent pace coming into the weekend with top 10 pace in every session leading up to qualifying, and past that got caught in everything that seemed to happen.

Qualifying P11 - wrong gear got bottled up in the field.
Heat 1 - 6th
Heat 2 - 16th. Bumped to outside row due to a penalty up front, then got caught on a wreck on the inside that pushed up and over him from behind.
Heat 3 - 10th. Another incident cost some positions
Final - 13th. Just missed a full speed straightaway wreck and had to go full send into a mud filled ditch, losing tons of momentum and positions.

Finished the season 7th in out of 55 entries in the points.
I have to give a huge shout out to how well the kid has performed this first year out. Also have to thank Max Martinis with Driven Performance Management and Driven Performance Products for pouring into and mentoring my kid. The personal growth that came from their relationship this year makes it all worth it!

Now to go chase a few fun races and finish out the year.


I almost thought you were going to say thanks to Driven for watching the kids swim in the rain puddle. LOL. Needless to say, that rain on Saturday afternoon was something else.