Tuning Dilemma

This is an issue that has haunted me in R/C as well as karts…Tune for best lap times or best feel? This occurred to me this past weekend. I made a change that felt better but the Mychron said slower. Was it slower because the track was slower or was it really just not as fast? I don’t know.
HOWEVER, The other side of this is maybe it really wasn’t faster, but it was more comfortable to drive which should be more consistent and may actually be faster over the duration of a race vs 1 or 2 fast laps. How do you address this dilemma?

Try longer runs and see. Like you said the comfort might help overall time. As a bonus it could give you more confidence while overtaking too.

Stopwatch is tuning gauge around here.

I’ll drive a kart that feels horrible and uncomfortable if it’s faster than one that feels good to drive.


I think it’s probably somewhere in the middle.

If it doesn’t feel good it will hard to be consistent with it. We chased this dynamic and habit for a long time before I changed philosophy. In my case since I am often racing, I focus on what is going to race the best and most consistent.

Either perspective can work, and each weekend both ways work for lots of people.

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