Tuning for a tri-oval course

So we’re starting to race at a track that’s almost all left hand turns. There is only 1 right hander. Thinking we can pick up some time if I tune to improve on the left handlers. What do you guys suggest? Tonykart stvk 206 sprint racing. Offset the hubs to one side? Shim front spindle to change the weight bias? TIA.

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Setups for the rock island Grand Prix might be worth delving into.

For LTO tracks on pavement I’ve seen

Caster lead
Rear tires bolted on the outside front
Different splindle heights
Seat offset
Hub offset.

Just speculating, but how fast, and how much time, do you spend in that right-hand corner? Can you afford to drop some time, and would that time that you dropped be inconsequential compared to how much time you gained in the other corners. If you are handling bad in that corner, how bad, and how much is the risk of getting past. Are your spindles adjustable up and down? I bent a front axle one time and was amazed at how good that kart would turn right, and how bad it would turn left. Maybe you can find a balance that suits your driving style and the track. If you’re familiar with the Riverside track in California, we once offset the kart for the 2 bank right-handers. Can’t say it was a big help, but can’t say it heard us either.