Tuning question (KartKraft)

I am experiencing an issue where the changes to the tire model in the game I am playing has created an issue with braking.

Specifically, I cannot remove enough speed under braking without having the kart effectively get overloaded and I get snap oversteer. The oversteer occurs after the kart has completed most of the required deceleration. The “snap” occurs not at the beginning of the brake zone, but rather towards the end, just prior to the release I want.

As a result I have to release a bit earlier than I’d like and have to then carry more rolling speed than I need.

Any thoughts on what to adjust to try to keep the Kart stable in a straight line under hard braking? This is not normal, I think. I have to try and roll into the turn just below snap, wheels turning freely and then rely on rubber to try and make it through. Wide is normal result.

So while its the back end that snaps, would this be more of a front end thing under braking load? Widen front?

Seat back 5%. Seems to work better.
Reducing caster also.

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Is this KartKraft you’re talking about?

Yup but in general same thing

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