Two Years Down The Track (no pun intended)


It’s been a long while since I last posted on this forum, but I’m happy to say I’m back and with a lot of updates and a lot of good news.

There’s probably just a few guys who remember me when I first joined Kart Pulse, but for a quick recap, I was a very keen (maybe too keen) 16 year old who was bitten by the racing bug and wanted to start karting ASAP. I lacked the time, money and general resources to do so, but I was really determined. All the guys here were very supportive and helpful and a special mention to Dom who actually was kind enough to donate me a racing suit all the way from the US (I live in AUS).

At the beginning of year/grade 11, I was fortunate enough to get a well paying job as an assistant computer technician at my school, and not long after a job at McDonald’s. After a few months of hard work I was able to buy myself a very nice sim rig which I’ve put many hours into and has been an awesome experience overall. Between long sessions of learning different cars and different tracks, and intermittent visits to the local kart track I really felt my understanding of racing increase dramatically. I started reading books, some about racing some about life, working out when I had time and generally focusing on making myself a better driver.

Fast forward through a rough period with COVID and a tough Senior year, at 18 years old I’ve found myself enrolling in my top preference university and degree, and moving to the big city. Just last weekend I was house hunting with a friend and we decided to go karting at one of the popular tracks with fairly quick machines. It was a total blast and while not cheap I was just more than happy to be in a kart. Between 8 x 10 minute sessions I was able to win (based on fastest lap) 4 sessions, placing second twice, and setting a fastest lap of 63.960, within like 3 seconds of the record I believe. Of course winning isn’t everything and I was most happy about my consistency all things considered (kart performance and handling differed dramatically), my first session my fastest was 72 seconds and by the end of it I was averaging mid to low 64 second laps.

I’m very excited to say that when I move in about 2 weeks I will be going karting regularly which is what I had hoped for when I first started my karting journey over two years ago. I’ve learned a lot (namely patience :sweat_smile:) in that time and I am well equipped for whatever lies ahead. Just thankful for all the support and advice you guys offered to me, its really what got me through and kept me motivated during the tough times. I kept thinking to myself (and still do) that I couldn’t let your efforts go to waste! Very appreciative of everything.

P.S Dom your suit has gotten a fair amount of action and will continue to do so in the coming months :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!


You are very Welcom, Timoda. So nice to hear you have been well and productive. Sounds like you are on your way indeed. Is there a rental league of some sort you can participate in? I am glad the suit got some use.



It helps if you are very young, very polite and I happen to have a spare one lying around…:sunglasses:

Nice story Tinoda, welcome back. Drop some video footage into the video thread :wink:

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