Tyca Axles

Does anyone have any experience using Tyca Technologies Axles? I’ve been driving a 2016 32/32 CRG Road Rebel (Rok Shifter) with a Swift Medium axle for the last season and have been struggling with a mid-corner hop and what feels like binding. Being a somewhat new shifter kart driver and running predominately at a shorter and rough track, I also have trouble feeling what the kart is doing handling wise.

I’m thinking a softer axle might be worthwhile trying but given that swapping out axles is not always an easy or quick process for a single handed racer, I’ve been intrigued by the Tyca axle which apparently allows for quick stiffness adjustments by using inserts. It’s considerably more expensive than a swift so wanted to get some input before making a purchase.


I have experience tuning for drivers that have used the Tyca. It’s a good product, and the range of inserts gives you a wide range of adjustability. It’s also nice to be able to adjust on one side only, depending on the track and conditions. We’ve used it quite a bit in both shifter and KA categories. Generally the medium stiffness is a good fit for the shifter, and is what I’d recommend for the Road Rebel.

If you’re still at the point where you don’t have a solid grasp on kart handling, then spending the extra cash may not be entirely worth it for you from a performance standpoint, at least at this point in time. Just depends on what’s most important to you. If you’re looking to tinker around with axle adjustments, but don’t want to do a full blown axle swap then the Tyca is great. However, if you’re on a tight budget and the cost difference would instead afford you some extra practice days, or a proper coaching session then perhaps that’s the better avenue.

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Can’t comment on Tyca axles, but a funky trick I use to save time swapping pedestrian axles is to use a zip tie to hold down the brake pedal to grip the rear disc. I then loosen all the usual fasteners & carefully do the swap, having to fiddle with just the pinch bolts on rear disc. Unfortunately, there’s no trick with the final sprocket & water pump pulley, but those are easier than the brake anyway.

Rolling a TYCA in my 206 next week. Unfortunately, they don’t make them short enough.

I was not aware of these axles and they have an interesting concept. What holds the stiffening insert in place?

In cutting the axle, did you cut the insert too or just the axle? Have you run with one pin for the axle key in the past?

No need to cut the insert. Wheel hub key peg holds the insert.

I’ll be running a half key in the wheel hubs to just hold the insert. (I normally don’t run any wheel hub keys in on a 206)