Tyre compound weight class differences

So I’ve been pondering about this for a while, can’t come up with an explanation so figured on putting it out there to y’all. Kinda hard to explain but here goes

I race dual class grid seniors and masters. 10kg difference. Same tyres.

Last season Komet K1H, you can imagine the field with masters running mid to mid-rear of the field. At the (as it became) final round, the organisers didn’t have enough stock of K1H so we all ran K1M (shifter tyres)

Now, super grippy tyres. The effect on the field for reasons I can’t figure out it brought masters and seniors closer together and much more fun. Masters averaging times noticeably closer to seniors average times.

Fast forward to this season on K2H and we’re seeing the opposite. Love the tyres, overall stickier with better times but it seems as though the seniors have seen an increase of maybe 15% whilst masters only 8-10%. Masters are nowhere near the seniors.

Given the only difference is around 10kg, why is the difference so…different? Just thinking maybe if one can figure out why masters are that much slower on this compound maybe there’s a solution to reduce the delta.

What engine package and what weight?

Seniors 160kg
Masters 170kg

Just because no one was ´ready’ to use softer compound that’s why
As soon as they come back with a familiar compound everything comes back in order
10kg is always between 0,4-1s handicap everywhere in the world

No I disagree. This is the National series, no ‘not bring ready’ - it wasn’t dropped on us all. Everyone had plenty of notice ahead of time.

I know there’s a difference, question is what makes that difference vary between tyre compounds.

For example (numbers for illustration but kinda there)
K1H: 0.4-1s difference
K1M: 0.3-0.8 difference
K2H: 0.8-1.3 difference

I’m thinking that extra 10kg narrows the sweet spot, giving the seniors longer time with tyres working at their best. Thinking to run some tests with N2 to see if I can hold that sweet band a bit longer

I know karting in the uae, i used to work for teams there, the level of drivers is lower compare to europe and setup, track surfaces etc are completly different.
With any type of tyre the 10kg handicap will be present, it’s called inertia…
If you notice closer laptime between senior and master with a softer compound it’s just because the drivers can’t use 100% of the tyre, and with the pressure you use in uae it’s even trickier

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