Tyre removal

Hi guys. We’re complete newbies and we’re having trouble removing tyres. We’re breaking the bead successfully using a bead breaker and removing the first part using tongs. The final part is just impossible, however. The tyres are on so tight it’s bending the tongs. These are VERY old tyres - is it possible that they’re so old and stiff that they’re impossible to remove?

The trick is making sure you create a pocket between the bead and the rim before pushing it out. If you don’t see the pocket, brute forcing it, tongue or no tongue, will do you no good. Whatever technique you are using, look for that pocket, if you can’t create one then work on the technique you are using.

That also assumes you are operating on the correct side of the rim and you freed up the bead on both sides so make sure of that too.

Have you watched any instructional video? If yes let us know where exactly you get stuck. If not we can point you towards few of them. Some rim/tire combos are harder than others, but not impossible

This was very helfull for me . Check this out .


Thanks guys. I’ll send photos later, but the key issue is I’ve broken the bead, used the tongues to take the tyre off the rim on the first (left) side, but it’s getting the tyre off on the final (right) side that is absolutely baffling me. I’m sure it is the correct side of the rim that I’m working on, but will check later.

A few ideas that may help…

Get the tires warm, leave them in the sun or even put them in a low oven.

Use something to lubricate the rim. I would start with soapy water. Usually, spray lubricants are not recommended but for removal may work. There are products that your auto parts store may have as well, I am fond of one called RuGlyde.

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Can’t have too much lube, and heat them up in the oven.

Are you working on the correct side of the wheel, this video explains why it is important to remove the tire from a specific side of the wheel first.

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Windex works great for tire removal/installation.


I’m pretty sure this will address your issue.

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If you watch these video’s you should have no problem :+1:

Thanks everyone. Sorted with a little lube. The bead won’t break on one of the rear tyres, but it’s an odd size so I need to replace it anyway. Appreciate your help :raised_hands:

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The tire/tyre scissor thing is stupid IMHO. I have these and have zero issues swapping tires with these 3 items which are worth their weight in gold IMHO:


Bet I can change mine faster with the scissors.

I can mount them even faster by hand.


Mechanic battle. Initiate!


The scissors work awesome!


I’ve tried the trailer hitch tire mount and it’s great to get the tire on the rim. But in my experience unless the tires are warm it’s much easier and efficient to use the tire tongs. I found it almost impossible to mount them completely on the rim when ambient (even with a soft compound) not to mention taking them off. It took me about 20 sets of tires to master taking them on and off with the tongs, however I’ve tried countless other tools in the past and nothing is quicker than a bead breaker, some tire tongs, and soapy water. A big deal for me is physical exertion, it’s not easy to mount tires in the first place and trying to do it quickly is even tougher. The Guys/Girls who can do it by hand are superhuman and I am always in awe when I see someone do it that way.

The scissor make tire changing so easy, that I was flipping tires between sessions. I wouldn’t when I was doing by hand.

Changing tires by hand is mostly technique but it does take some strength or weight. I Easier if one weighs 190 lbs rather than 150.

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There can be only 1: Turbo Tire Changer.

Learned this the hard way🤣

When using scissors be wary of ripping the bead of the tire. Use plenty of lube and do not force them open if they are bound up. I have ripped a few tires up that way by mistake. Use plenty of lube!