Unbelievable Display of Creativity and Skill

Perhaps I’m easily amazed, but I couldn’t believe what I was watching as this guy created a KTM MotoGP bike out of paper. If you get bored in the beginning, at least watch from about 3/4 through, which is when he creates/assembles the engine & gearbox. :exploding_head:

Holy cow. People are really amazing.

The Detail was Insane!!! You can always spot the Artisans by their dry cracked hands. It was like time-laps watching his hands wither from handling the paper. How many paper cuts does that guy have? Amazing!

Watching this, there are some things that you cannot accurately price. How does one quantify the value of such a thing? The dedication to the craft, the years spent developing the technique and the mastery, these are priceless.