Under chassis wear

How critical is this when it comes to buying a used chassis? Does it affect the handling of the kart? How much is too much? Is wear in certain places a no no?

Probably one of the most important things to consider when buying a new kart. It can affect the handling if it’s real bad. You want to make sure there is minimal flat spots on the underside, but a little wear and tear isn’t too big of a deal.


What’s your thoughts on this sort of wear

Fairly minimal, looks fine to me.

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Thanks a lot for that TJ

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Agree with TJ essentially the paint’s been removed and very little metal.

The main place to be concerned is the waist/center bar. Since it controls diagonal load transfer and influences jacking.

I’d say if the grind measures any wider than 4mm I might be concerned. All depends on the price of the kart and what I’m using it for of course.

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Im partial to these. It at least stops any future wear. There many different and or cheaper ones available as well.


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I won’t be needing any…here in Trinidad we have no curbs to run over lol, it’s all temporary set up tracks. The kart has been used in Canada however so just making sure I do my due diligence before purchasing.

It’s not even kerbs, on a typical bumpy track you can still scrape the underneath as the tires compress over the bumps and/or difference in ride heights between front/rear over dips.

Any links to the tracks in Trinidad? Curious to see those.

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On a related note… you ever notice that the bottom of your seat sometimes scrapes along the ground when going into the pits? Never scrapes when moving at speed. Weird.

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James it’s basically only one car park we use and the course is changed every couple years. We are a really small group so it’s nowhere near the scale of you guys in the US.
As for the chassis wear without curbing…I’ve never seen any evidence of it here apart from the bumpy sections where I sometimes hear the front rail touch.

See the following link

Yes, and my driveway. Adding an aluminum sheet to stop that wear, plus act as an extended flat floor for drag control. I’d prefer titanium, but not at about 10x the price.

It’s like Englishtown, NJ… in a tropical paradise!

Ti creates wicked sparks though!

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My shifter chassis is about 3 years now. Hopefully get another year out of it?

C1 C2

This wear on the left (left as you sit in the kart) would concern me a little.


Is the chassis sitting low in the rear bearing carriers?

Yea CRG family 32mm run low ride height