Unipro 6003 no laps when transferring

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This is my first topic on this forum.

I bought 4months ago my first kart which is a x30 on crg chassis.
Included with it I had a unipro 6003.

After every session I transferred the data to the pc analyser app from unipro.
My problem is that after every transfer, the app says I have no laps in the file. Does anyone have any idea why and could help me with it?

I tried contacting their support but never had an answer…

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Not familiar with unipro but clarity needed…

You say you go out do a session, come back and then download the data file to your laptop. When you open the file, there’s no lap data? Or is there nothing available to export?

With the aim ones you have to set them up to be able to pull the track info from the wifi and be able to recognize the track. It’s a first time thing, once only I believe. Is the unit correctly registering your track location?

Thanks for your answer.
So, I export the data of the Unipro and once I open the file it says that the file contain no laps while when I’m on the track, I can see my lap times.

I have no edition info on the setup you’re saying, I should have a look at it.

And the unit is configured by the amount of magnetic bands, and when I’m exporting the unit data, they ask me where I was driving and at that moment select the right track.

Ok so the unit is set up, it sounds like.

Any folks here use this brand that has a thought?

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