Unipro - Unigo One review / feedbacks

Hello KP members

I have been using Mychron 5 2T from AIM since 2017 and I really like it, but I´ve got it damaged and need to buy a new one.
I just realized Unigo launched Unigo One and I´d like to know if you guys have already tested it and if the feedbacks are good so I can decide whether I buy the new version of Mychron 5S 2T or Unigo One as the prices are very similar.


I like the big display for old eyes.

I also dig the built in accelerometer for wheel postion with no external sensor.

Seems like a good alternative

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FYI, get ahold of AIM. Their customer service and repair pricing is 2nd to none. Might not need to replace that Mychron.


Yea, I sent my at least 6 year old My5 and they replaced everything that was wrong under warranty, no questions asked and had it back in 10 days.

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