Unipro unigo vs mychron 5s 2t?

Ive been missing out about laptimer and just figured out this unipro unigo. These past year been working with mychron. How hard or how easy it is to work with unigo one? Could anyone give me some comparison between aim n unipro software?

Thank you

Hi Kenny,

I had been using a mychron 5 for roughly 3 years before I switched to the unipro when I moved to a team, and I have to say the unipro is a lot better, the software takes a little bit of fine tuning, but when done right I feel like the unigo is 10x better. It also depends on what your team is using though and if there is support for one more than the other

Hi Declan,

Thank you for the reply. Is the setup pretty straight forward because i tried to find how to about unigo in youtube. Found none.

Read through the instruction manual, and that will give you everything you need to know. Setup for the two is pretty much the same just annoying setting up the RPM lights however with a software update that becomes easier. Their both pretty much the same so if there is local support for either do that, but personally having used both I prefer the unigo

You can find the manual online if you want to have a go there

What makes it 10x better for you compared to AIM\MyChron?

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Yeah, curious to know what makes it better. Been working with AIM stuff for years and it does everything I need in a pretty intuitive package. But want to learn if there is something better out there.

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Can anyone tell me. How to make an account in unipro software? Do we need to make an account like aim race studio?

Need info. Still learning about it.

This seems contradictory, and not by a little bit either

an exaggeration, i like unipro software but they are both fundamentally the same. it helps that I use a mac for at the track stuff, and racestudio was only on windows when i had a mychron. but the exaggeration is personal preference

Declan. For unipro. Do we need to make an account like racestudio?

I feel the same, especially with Race Studio 3. They really made it a lot more accessible and user friendly vs. RS2.

I never did, but you need to set everything up and all files are locally stored

If aim have their own action camera. What about unipro? Can i overlay my data with with gopro sync up with unipro?

unfortunately not, they all have accessories to do with wheel speed and sensors and stuff, but not the camera

Ok so i cant sync up my unipro data with gopro. Thanks for the reply. :pray:t2:

I may not be following exactly…

But if the question is can I display Mychron/? telemetry data within your Gopro videos, answer should be yes.

I am assuming that your unit allows you to pull data wirelessly as a file. That data file can be used by racerender and other video editing programs that provide widgets to display telemetry data.

Excuse my language, but aim have a complete set of software and action camera and both can be sync in race studio.

I was wondering about unipro software, since i did my research about it i dont see any action cam like aim does. So i was trying to sync unipro data to a gopro, is it doable. Yeah i heard about race render thing.

Yah. What I was suspecting is that there has to be a way to pull data from your unit. It is doable on mychron and Alfano.

Voila! (If thats what you meant)