Unknown Brake Rebuild Question

The kart is finally in it’s finally staged or being fully refreshed and to get beat on for the next season. I look at the kart and realize a small brake fluid leak coming from the master cylinder. Most likely needs a rebuild and definitely new seals, however I have no idea what parts to buy as energy corse NA I believe went out of business after the pandemic. Figured I’d ask and get some opinions on what model it is and search for some seals or rebuild kits. It looks like a Righetti Ridolphi type master cylinder.
Energy Corse Space

Pretty sure that’s this parolin brake master. Should able to source a rebuild from parolin USA.

Quick search of the FIA Homologation numbers show its a parolin made part… As mentioned above.

Kart Republic uses the same brake system.

What about the caliper here? Would it be parolin too? And what caliper would I need to replace it?

Definitely parolin also. I’d have to do some research to find the exact model. The homologation numbers on the side is the easiest way to find that stuff.


I bought and installed Parolin rebuild kits on both master cylinder and caliper for my son’s kart last year, those are definitely Parolin and easy to get parts.