Unobtainium Fuel

Spotted today in Wisconsin. 87 non oxy!
First time I’ve seen it in a long time and even then it was at marinas only.



It’s available everywhere here in Oklahoma, I thought that was pretty much the same everywhere except places like California and New York.

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Curious if that was at an Indian/ sovereign territory gas station. In my area, all stations have to sell the 10% ethanol but the sovereign nation gas stations have the non-ethanol.

Ethanol binds to water, so it can be separated from gas by adding enough water with fuel to bind all of it, then draw it out. Since water is heavier than gas, it’ll sink to the bottom of the container. The trick is having a translucent container (eg. Summit can) & a method/tool to extract the heavier segregated ETOH+water compound.

If you have access to pure gas, so much the better.

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In Texas, or at least North Texas the only way to get Ethanol Free Fuel is to drive out side of the General Metropolitan areas. Even then it is only sold at 92 octane.

This is the only fuel I use in all of my lawn equipment where it may sit for up to a few weeks between uses. Its so hot and dry this time of year, the grass hardly grows. I had issues with the blended stuff making it hard to start most of my machines.

we have ethanol free gas at most of the stations here in Florida