Unusual clutch shoe wear?

Since it’s raining here in northern Ohio I’m doing some maintenance on my kart. I’m in the process of switching to an inboard driver on the clutch. When I took the drum off I noticed the shoes were worn most heavily at the leading edge of the shoes and not at all on the trailing edge. Is this normal wear and are they too worn to keep using?

Do you run your clutch driver towards the seat?

Nevermind, I see you’re switching to.inbiars so you already answered that question. That’s what the shoes end up looking like when you run them orientated like you have them.

Trying to get a sense of when they should be changed. Is that normal wear and I can send it or should they be replaced?

Look like the groove is clogged. I use a pick to clean them out. For yours I’d run a hack saw blade through it and run it.