Update on rib injury. kind of

Hi. As you may know i have had eibpain while driving breathing sleeping etc. I have been recovering 1 week and decided to try driving again. The pain came back even worse… i couldent almost breath and dropped 7 sec of my laptime so i stopped. Me and my dad looked at my rib protector and he said to me: isnt that uncomfortable i would never wear that. I said that it was. So fast forwoard 10 min we went to tge shop and bought a freem rib protector. It was really comfy and was surounding my whole rib. So today i tried it in the kart and i didnt feel the spot pain as i did before. So problem solved i think. When i was driving it was like a pillow. But i still had pain but not that huge.
My old one is a omk k style carbon. Im going to pour gasoline over it and burn the shit to asches and not let anyone get their hands on it again.

Mike, I’m glad that the change helps! You really should take a break though. I have messed up my ribs 3X now and I can tell you from experience that until it completely heals, you risk tearing it open again and making it worse.

Ask TJ about how he almost had to quit karting entirely and he was a pro! Imagine that heartbreak!

We aren’t kidding. Rest it. It will take realistically minimally 1-3 months for a rib injury/intercostal tear to heal.

From Google:

“The average intercostal muscle strain takes about four to five weeks to heal, but the healing process may be shorter or longer depending on the severity of the strain.Apr 19, 2022”

" Most broken ribs heal on their own within six weeks. Restricting activities and icing the area regularly can help with healing and pain relief.Jan 8, 2021"

Im going on veccation around europe it will take about 2 months so i will not race until i come home🙂

Excellent! That should do it!

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Nice😀 thanks for all the help