Upper Body Excercises for Karting

what type of upper body fiyness should a driver use during season & off season

gymnastic rings. Be careful because you can injure yourself (like I) but in my experience nothing has come close for upper body conditions

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It can be as simple as push ups, planks, and pull ups. That was the extent of my strength training in the past, coupled with running or cycling for general cardio fitness. This off season I bought a workout bench and have been doing chest presses, rows, and a variety of tricep exercises.

There all kinds of things you can do. Gymnastic ring are good, very challenging, maybe too challenging.
You can use resistance bands, kettle bells, dumb bells, bar bells (land mines) just a weight plate (steering wheel shape), medicine balls, body weight (Calisthenics) and a couple of other things including hammers or a slosh pipe. The bands are very easy to bring with you or store. Slosh pipe is on the opposite end of the spectrum. 1,2,3 blocks help with varying push up and add variance and the need for stability. I sometimes do pushups on the ends of barbells as it is similar but different, You can do pushups on just the ring portion of an olympic ring or from the ring hung. Pushups on an exercise ball also work.
If you want to feel weak and uncoordinated try some turkish getups. I do some presses with a kettle bell upside down, for grip and wrist.
Don’t forget lower body too. Legs have a place in overall strength. (testosterone production - debatable) You can squat with dumb bells - goblet squats
Don’t forget your neck - I took a barricade to the faceshield and didn’t get hurt. - I think to some degree due to neck workouts.

If you have the will you can get it done. This guy has will:

Plenty of other youtube resources Look up the ones below and you will even find some you may prefer.
AthleanX Jeff Cavalier
Elliott Hulse

Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and neck curls. That’s what I do. Main areas of stress when driving are usually upper back and neck.

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Deadbug is also a good core exercise that’s easy to do without equipment.

Dead bug = me trying to get out of my kart in the beginning

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I hear that @Trey_Shannon is doing a webinar with Ross Bentley that might be worth checking out.
That way we’re not tapping him the same question for free. :wink: