US and European Chassis for Four Stroke Karting

Split off from another topic, moving some responses here so we can talk about chassis from different sides of the Atlantic (or even down under)… and dispel some myths.

my opinion shy away from the tony for a 206 u need a MGM Comet Eagle or margay not a itialian made kart

Always piques my interest when someone says don’t buy an “Italian” kart for four stoke racing when World Formula was a CIK class for many years

Italian chassis are perfectly fine for four stoke racing. Buy an offset engine mount and be done.

Clearance issues were solved years ago with offset engine mounts.

If you have a choice, by all means go with a four stoke chassis if it’s an option.
But to hold out for one, especially if you’re starting out is a mistake.

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James just stating the fact as I see them most top 4 stroke drivers in the country are not racing with expensive Italian made karts

As I said, Alex Kardashian was on a Top Kart Twister, a 2-stroke specific frame, at the Grand Nationals and even won a heat race I believe. He definitely led some laps in the feature. The winner of the CIK Senior class championship of CKNA was on a Ricciardo kart, which is a BirelART, rebranded.

Looking at the final results from the Grand Nationals, the biggest 206 race in the country, 6 of the top 10 were on Italian made chassis. To say that most drivers are on an American made chassis is not statistically true.

I will say, for a beginner’s kart it won’t matter what chassis you’re on. I started on a +10 year old Haase kart, and didn’t run any worse than I would have if I got a brand new OTK. As I developed, it made sense to upgrade my chassis, but that was after over a year of practicing every weekend, getting on track basically every Saturday and Sunday that there was a club race over our 20 race season, so a lot of track time.

In the interest of having accurate info on the forums, I took a look at pricing of new chassis for 206/four stroke racing. European chassis being expensive is a complete myth…

MGM Espionage is $3995
Compkart 4R (Euro) is $3695
Margay Brava 206 (US): $3795
TonyKart STV 4 (euro): $3995
DR Tork (Euro): $2995
VLR Emerald is one of the less expensive US ones at $3100
Comet didn’t list a price on their site.

I think it’s fair to say prices are comparable.


CKNA has many front runners on BirelArt products.

I watched Chase Jones drive from last to first in a heat race with 25+ karts on a TopKart Twister in 10 or 12 laps at WRP which is not an easy pass track.

To add to your list, a brand new BirelART is $3,500

Personally I think if you’re looking at a 4 cycle chassis the Birel/Ricciardo chassis are something to look at. During the Grands the front half of the field was full of them. I ran on a 32mm Birel when I first started in 206 and it worked great. I would say if you’re looking at only American chassis for 4 cycles you’re limiting only yourself.

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There are many great chassis out there. Great support, however, is rare. You can have the best kart in the world, and without the knowledge or assistance to get the most out of your experience it may not matter.

Fascinating conversation to see the different perspectives, tho.

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