US General 5 Drawer Mechanics Kart

Is anyone using this Harbor Freight toolbox? I have another roll around tool box in my trailer and it has been terrible. The slides and lock have not held up well to trailer rigure.

Yes, had it for 10 years, last 4 in my trailer for kart use only. It’s awesome,.just need a little mod to allow for drawers to open when the top lid is down. Other than that, I just sprayed some chain lube in the drawer bearings when I bought it, it held up great over the years

I have two of them, and they have performed very well. I have one in my garage and one in my race trailer, no issues whatsoever.

I did this a month ago… The 4 drawer is a little on the smaller side and im glad I went with it because with it fully loaded its not too hard to get in and out of my trailer alone but I feel if I went with the 5, it would have been too heavy

How do you guys secure them in your trailer? Ratchet straps? Or just the wheel locks etc.?

I drilled holes through the back two legs and lag bolted into wooden wall of my trailer.

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Ratchet strap with some D hooks in the wall. No issues